Giants Catch Breaks, Do Something Good, Win

The FreaKKKKKKKKKK was in the house.

Everything went right for the Giants in Saturday's game against the Marlins. Everything.

Tim Lincecum played stopper, ace, and The Freak all at once. Seven shutout innings, 10 strikeouts, 2 walks, and only two hits (one of them an infield single). And again, just like his last start, he felt a lot better out of the stretch, so he threw 119 pitches and didn't look tired at all. And pitching coaches all over America cringed and told their sons that they can only do that after they've won two Cy Youngs.

Nate Schierholtz had a double. Just a regular double. But then Logan Morrison overthrew the cutoff man, and then somehow Schierholtz put wheels on his stomach and managed to crawl to third after sliding 10 feet in front of the base.

And then, in typical 2011 Giants fashion, Orlando Cabrera, with nobody out and a man on third, fouls out to the first baseman. And then, in typical 2010 Giants fashion, Javier Vazquez throws a pitch off of the ground, John Buck, and the home plate umpire, and Schierholtz scores.

Aubrey Huff flied out to left field. Except it was an RBI double because Morrison (who for some reason got sent down to AAA after the game) couldn't handle the ball on the foul line. By the way, Aubrey Huff is starting to square up a lot more baseballs. This can only bode well for the Giants.

Jeff Keppinger extended the Giants solo homerun streak. But who cares? Solo homeruns are still runs.

Jeremy Affeldt threw curveballs. The eighth inning was easy.

Brian Wilson gave up a hit, a walk, and had a couple strikeouts. Typical stuff.

Brandon Belt made it before game time and even got on camera a couple times. Baby steps!

It just seemed like everything went the right way for the Giants. The Marlins are free swingers. Lincecum was just wild enough to take advantage of that. When they needed a break, they got one. For once.

To quote Mike Krukow, "You'll get three runs and you'll like it."


Logan Morrison being sent down is interesting. Imagine Posey, Belt, and Morrison entering their late 20s together. The Giants aren't exactly the "swoop on grumbling prospects" types, but man, would that be fun to watch.


According to Marty Lurie, Johnny Damon clearing waivers is also interesting. The Giants need a leadoff man with Andres Torres going down. But Damon is old. Very old. I don't know how I feel about that. Waiver claims should be interesting this year, especially with the Giants starved for production/not having much roster wiggle room without releasing Rowand.


It's hard to see positives in this whole Carlos Beltran wrist injury, but looking ahead, if for SOME awful reason Beltran has to shut it down for a while, doesn't it seem logical that he'd want to come back in 2012? There's nothing worse than asking for a trade to a contender and then not helping them on their stretch run. Just ask Freddy Sanchez, who hit three doubles in the World Series against Cliff Lee. Something to keep an eye on.


Lastly, Barry Zito is hurt again. This bums me out.

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