What I Learned at Last Night's Game

Brandon Belt is running away.
I don't want to talk about baseball anymore, because it's not worth it.

Last night I went to this place with my friend Joyce, and we hung out with about 41,000 other people, and we didn't do too much. There was something going on in the background, but we had entertainment all over!

Down and to the left, some people in black were standing and yelling at some people in blue, and then the guys in blue were put in handcuffs and everyone cheered!

They did a kiss-cam on the big screen in the middle of the park, and this old lady jumped on her husband and pretty much swallowed his face.

The dancing usher made another appearance, and everyone booed the guy who tried to steal the spotlight from everyone's favorite senior citizen.

The churro guy in our section was awesome. He got a little carried away and almost churro-slapped someone in the face, but everything ended up OK.

I didn't get pooped on!

The End.

Oh the Giants also lost, and Carlos Beltran was booed off the field. That's all. I miss Buster Posey.

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