Karma, and Why It's Real (LINKS!)

Hey Giants fans,

Remember this?

And how I wrote this:
Again, the person who organized the event did a fine job, but having the Cardinals introduced before the festivities even began was a Total Frat Move. I mean, remember when the Giants actually had to play a game on Friday? Tony La Russa looked pretty mad after about 45 seconds of the Train performance. And when La Russa is mad, the opposing team knows. Just ask Dusty Baker.
And then how this happened?

And now we come here:

Not saying the Giants deserved it, but I feel like if the Cardinals win the World Series, they'll somehow wait until August 6 against the Giants before having Nelly and the St. Lunatics perform this pregame:

If that happens, I won't be surprised at all. 

That is all. I DO hope this happens tho:

Some people have called me the best Photo Shopper of all time. More Giants-related things soon.

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