Giants Give Fans What They Want...Fans Now Speechless

So, you know that feeling when you have an expectation of what someone is going to say and you have an argument all prepared for someone:

How are they going to screw it up this time?
And then they say exactly what you wanted them to say, but not what you were expecting them to say, and they're all like:

Check THIS roster out.
And then you're about to be like "Well what about this?" but then it sinks in that they told you what you wanted to hear and you're like:

"......COME AGAIN?"
That's pretty much how my day went yesterday with all the Giants roster moves and news. And it left me searching for the ammunition I usually need to fire a couple quick ones back at the front office, and all I can come up with is..."But Chris Stewart was really cool, and I liked him."

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