Can't Stop Partying

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series! Can you believe it? I'm pretty sure everyone can remember like it was yesterday, but as last Monday's broadcast of the Giants-Rangers Cactus League rematch showed us, victory is still as sweet as that hangover-curing orange juice at 10:30 AM on November 2 of last year.

And what better way to relive that feeling than to watch it over. And over. And over.

Now, if you didn't have your credit card ready the day after the final pitch was thrown to buy the official DVD with hat and signed baseball and cork from the clubhouse champagne for $159.99, you can just turn on the TV.

Comcast SportsNet's Legends: 2010 San Francisco Giants was pretty great. I watched it right after Gary Brown walk-offed the Dodgers, which also happened to be my birthday, which was the best birthday present ever.

The interviews were great, featuring Andres Torres, Sergio Romo, Aubrey Huff, and Tim Lincecum, among others. Bruce Bochy, Larry Baer, Will Clark, Rich Aurilia, and Kruk and Kuip also contributed.

It follows the team throughout the season, starting with Brian Wilson's (beardless) Spring Training playoff prediction. There were emotional times throughout the season that snapped back into my memory while watching, like the Mattingly slipup and Buster Posey's coming-out party in June. Uribe, homering. Burrell's grand slam. Uribe and Burrell homering again. Huff and Uribe going back to back. Burrell, homering. 

Although it was hindered by the lack of broadcasting rights to all the playoff games, Legends still gets you all riled up. Their use of still frames accompanied by the KNBR calls is enough to make me stand up and fist pump. And really, everyone knows we turned off the sound anyway and turned up Kruk and Kuip, so it's basically the same.

Honestly, I can't get enough of watching the Giants win the World Series. It won't get old until they repeat again this year.

If you missed the premier, it's showing again today at 9:30pm, Monday at 4:00pm, next Monday (3/28) at 1:00am, and next Thursday (3/31) at 9:30pm, on Comcast SportsNet.

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