Fontenot, Burriss, and Whiteside! Oh My!

And Rowand. And Vogelsong. And Rowand some more.

Again, after the Giants won the World Series, who would have thought that they would turn to the following lineup to break out of a slump?

They were 0-17 with RISP in the first two games of the series. Against Pittsburgh. Against a pitcher on Wednesday whose ERA was over 10.00 at the beginning of the day.

Freddy Sanchez, arguably the second-best hitter right now behind Pablo Sandoval, and Miguel Tejada, arguably the second-worst hitter right now behind Dan Runzler both sat out today. As did Buster Posey, arguably the second-best (fill in the blank with first-best) in the universe.

With the injuries to the Opening Day roster, Andres Torres and Barry Zito were also out. So we've got the lineup that is posted above. Aaron Rowand for Torres, Manny Burriss for Sanchez, Mike Fontenot for Tejada, Eli Whiteside for Posey, Ryan Vogelsong for Zito.

Any picture of Mike Fontenot is just funny to me.
And that lineup pounds out five runs on ten hits. And Vogelsong dominated, striking out eight. And the Giants looked like they could actually win some games this year.

Aaron Rowand has just been earning the dickens out of his spot. Another 2-5 today, another three RBIs, and Rowand is still right there at the top of pretty much every offensive category. He also seems to be getting clutch hits (although his RISP doesn't show it). I still don't understand why he has success batting leadoff, but I feel like every time the Giants score, it starts out with "Rowand walks" or "Rowand doubles to left."

Burriss made an error that led to a run, but then made a fantastic play to make up for it on a ball in short right field. Fontenot had two hits, as did Nate Schierholtz, who came in off the bench. Even Miguel Tejada decided to get a hit today. How nice of him!

If the Giants keep winning series, they'll be golden. I'm totally fine with crappy, drawn-out games like Tuesday's once in a while if it means that they're going to finish the games with 70 of those losses and 92 wins.

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