Results of the Most Obscure Giant Thread

I recently had my first FanPost on McCovey Chronicles. In the past three days, it's had almost 250 comments from people remembering those Giants that distinguished their fandom from any possible impostors out there.

The blogosphere has its fair share of interesting fans. I'm relatively young, and my Giants memories don't go back as far as some people there, so I don't recognize some of the names that come up unless I had their baseball card from way back.

Anyways, I'll highlight some of the more interesting posts that came up (starting with my own of course).

My number one pick was J.R. Philips.

So obscure they can't even get a picture of him facing the camera.
My subsequent ones are from the late-90s bullpens: Doug Creek, Jim Poole, John Johnstone, and Rich Rodriguez. 

Here's some of the posts from the thread:

Brian Dallimore played 27 major league games, and got 50 major league ABs. One homerun (a grand slam, as mentioned), 7 RBIs. Retired in 2006 after signing with the Brewers in 2005.

Felipe Crespo, as stated, has multiple splash hits. Two years with the Giants, .259/.329/.426, 8 HR, 39 RBIs. Traded in 2001 to the Phillies for Wayne Gomes (also a good one). 

Stan Javier got a lot of love. Stan the Man spent four years with the Giants, posting a very solid .282/.360/.378 line, 17 HR, 151 RBIs. 

Bobby Estallela. No one thought Bonds was on steroids while Bobby Estallela was around. With the Giants: .227/.343/.446 over two seasons. Traded to the Yankees for Brian Boehringer. Now that's a name.

Damon Minor was another first-baseman just filling the void when J.T. Snow couldn't play. We knew he wasn't the future, but the guy's nickname was Tiny. And he was 6'7. Goofy is an understatement. 285 at-bats over four seasons with the Giants, .232/.338/.400.

One of my personal favorites, Tony Torcato. Winner. Hey, in 2004, he hit .556. What happened?

Let me know if we missed any players that stand out to you. Like I said, everyone's got theirs, who's yours?


  1. Shout out for Brian Cooper! I was at the game where he decked it out with Roger Clemens. It was epic. Well, it was epic until the Giants lost at least...

  2. No one brought up Danny Darwin either. I feel like that guy looked like he was 45 for his whole career.