Return of the Bengie? I'll Pass, And You Should Too

Sabean: Hey Bengie...sooooo...how've you been? (looks at the ground)

Bengie: I've been good. How's the new guy? Is he still all young and exciting like he was last year? Last year when you sent me to Texas through text message?

Sabean: Yeeeeahhh...actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about. See, he's kind of under the weather, and I was just wondering...if you're not doing anything...(looks up in the sky)


Sabean: It's not really that serious...it's just for like...a couple months...it's not even a big deal...

Bengie: Heck yeah! (dances a little bit, then gets tired)


Really? I know Buster Posey's injury kind of turned us all inside out and maybe bamboozled us a little bit, but bring back Bengie Molina?

Asking Bengie Molina to come back is like asking your ex-girlfriend to prom after you dumped her because your new date caught the flu the day before.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Molina. And when he wasn't clogging up the bases or the lineup, he was a great guy. Good personality in the clubhouse, definitely handled the pitching staff amazingly, a good player all around.

But Molina hasn't played baseball AT ALL since...what was it...OH RIGHT when the Giants won the World Series, and Bengie Molina played for the other team. And if recent photo evidence is any indicator, I can tell you one thing: he hasn't gotten any smaller.

Molina was already on the ropes as a major-leaguer when the Giants sent him away to Texas last year. Sure, he wasn't terrible, but the sunset was fast approaching and he didn't have the wheels to outrun it. They traded him away, and brought in Buster Posey, The Amazing.

Now Buster is hurt. And Giants fans are scrambling for something better than Eli The Gray and Chris The Stewart combo that we're currently saddled with.

Personally, I'd love to see Pudge Rodriguez in a Giants uniform. When the Giants were deciding what to do with Molina (re-sign/let go) and with Posey (start in majors/start at AAA), I wanted Pudge to come in so bad.

But then the Nats scooped him to up to tutor their young catchers. All 17 of them. And now I think they're ready.

So offer the prospects. Marginal prospects. They've got them. And it won't cost them Zack Wheeler or Thomas Neal to get Pudge. It's not like he's is tearing it up right now, but Rodriguez can still play the field, throw out runners, and not be Eli Whiteside. I love you, Eli, but you're not an everyday catcher, and I'm pretty sure you know that.

Pudge is also that kind of clubhouse guy that Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria were last year that I think is lacking in 2011, even though Tejada is supposedly all up on that. I saw Pudge in the locker room when I was working for Comcast SportsNet Washington in DC and he's a real presence in there.

It would be a good pick-me up for the Giants. It worked last year, and instead of putting pressure on young guys like Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, and even Manny Burriss to be the new clubhouse contributors, you could have a guy in there who knows how to handle a team.

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