*Collective Sigh Of Relief*

There is something about the off-season that causes almost as much stress as the on-season (in-season?). It's the same stress that surrounds the trade deadline and the winter meetings. It's the Deal or No Deal feeling. And just as many people point out that some of the best trades are the ones that aren't made (Lincecum-for-Alex Rios!), some of the best free-agent signings are the ones that don't bring Miguel Tejada to your team.

So for all the hoopla surrounding Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and even Carlos Beltran, and the holding of the breath of all fans as their teams compete with other teams to compare who has the deepest pockets, there are just as many forehead-wipes and eyebrow-raises for ones that (thankfully) got away.

Here in the 2011 off-season, there have already been a couple players that have gone this route (for me at least). I love my Giants, and in my years of experience have been privy to as many signings that left me shaking  my head (Rowand, Zito, Tejada, Zito some more, Michael Tucker, Rowand just for fun), as there have been great pickups (Ryan Vogelsong, Aubrey Huff in 2010, Pat Burrell, Omar Vizquel). So when I see headlines linking the Giants to certain players, like the article showing San Francisco as a possible destination for Chone Figgins, I throw things at the walls and scream a little bit, and then try to explain to my coworkers that sometimes my cubicle just makes me claustrophobic.

First of all, just because the Giants have had a tendency to throw money at people does NOT mean that the Giants are going to throw money at anyone with a contract and a pulse (AKA Figgins). The "new-look" Giants, or more specifically, the post-Zito/Rowand Giants, look to focus more on spending an ass-ton of money on people that they already have (Cain/Lincecum/Bumgarner) and supplementing them with cheaper options (Melky Cabrera).

So I'm OK with the fact that they don't go after all of those 154 players. Players that i'm glad I can cross off my list so far?

-Willie Bloomquist (Diamondbacks)
- David DeJesus (Cubs)
- Adam Kennedy (Dodgers)
- Scott Podsednik (Phillies)
- Rod Barajas (Pirates)
- Jamey Carroll (Twins)

Free agents still out there that I would cringe to see in a Giants uniform?

- Octavio Dotel (more lefties?)
- Orlando Cabrera (not again)
- Hairston Bros. (I just can't)

So, moving forward.

Dear Brian Sabean,

I'd really like to keep breathing sighs of relief, and have my jaw drop because of GOOD news, or not have my mind blown at all by your sensibility this off-season. Maybe bring back Vizquel. I mean, if other NL teams can afford to waste a roster spot on 40+ designated hitters, like the Phillies with Jim Thome and Rockies with Jason Giambi, then we can bring back someone who is a plus-defender on the infield, and who knows how to bunt. Some starting pitching depth might not be bad either. Anyway. Winter Meetings are coming up, so I'll start holding my breath now.

*crosses fingers*

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