Tuesday Game Recap: See Monday

It was a close game. An ace was struggling. On Monday it was Tim Lincecum. Today it was Ubaldo Jimenez.

The Giants made an offensive breakthrough. It looked like the terrible demons of Coors Field had all of a sudden been exorcised. Monday it was Andres Torres and Nate Schierholtz hitting homeruns to put the Giants up. Tuesday it was Pat Burrell turning a 3-0 green light into a two-run double.

The Rockies got the leadoff man on in the next inning. Things got ugly.

On Tuesday, Tim Lincecum didn't set his feet, didn't communicate with his middle infielders, and didn't get a grip on the ball. Miguel Tejada didn't exactly do his job either, but the result was an error on the pitcher and an extra base instead of a 1-6-3 double play.

Today, even after manager Bruce Bochy came out and undoubtedly reminded Jonathan Sanchez of his coverage duties on a bunt by Alfredo Amezaga, Sanchez looked like he was just going to let Buster Posey make the play. He proceeded to rush and throw the ball down the line. Instead of second and third with one out, it was first and third with no outs, and a run scored.

After that, wheels proceeded to fall off whatever bus the Giants were riding on. On Monday Carlos Gonzalez showed why San Francisco hates Oakland for trading away all their prospects to NL West teams (Gonzalez, Andre Ethier, Dan Haren anyone?). On Tuesday Troy Tulowitzki and Dexter Fowler remembered that they hate the the Giants.

The team clearly just got Coors'd in a ridiculous two-game series that was frustrating enough to make you think that the rest of the season at Coors might be like that. If there was another game in this series, it made you feel like that game would somehow involve Dinger and Matt Cain getting in a fist fight, with Bruce Bochy tearing his MCL separating them and half the bullpen being suspended.

Luckily we get to escape. To Dodger Stadium. Great.


Jonathan Sanchez now has more extra-base hits in his career than every other pitcher on the Giants roster except for Matt Cain, and has as many total bases as Mark DeRosa.


Mark DeRosa is now 0-everything since coming off the disabled list. San Francisco is paying him $12M for 13 RBIs so far. The Giants have no plans. Can Brandon Belt play third base?


Javier Lopez had held lefties to 3-30 before today's game. I'm calling it bad variance.

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