Yeah, Yeah, Giants Baseball = Torture, Or Whatever

See Cody? When you hold on to the bat, you win!
Eventually, playing with fire will get us burned. Eventually. Until then, party on.

The Giants have five walkoff wins in 13 home games. Brian Wilson is now leading the pitching staff in wins. But hey, there's not much more exciting than a walk-off win, and the Giants keep punching them out like they've done it for years.

Whereas in 2010, when Giants baseball was torture and it was standard to spend many a night curled up in the fetal position cursing broken-bat triples and hanging sliders, 2011 has been different. The Giants aren't storming through the schedule thus far (let's face, they're no Cleveland Indians), but for some reason, close games just aren't as nail-biting as they were last year.

A World Series title is a helluva confidence booster. So is a two-time Cy Young Award winner looking better than he ever has. And so is an All-Star closer adding the dirtiest pitch since the afore-mentioned Cy Young Award winner's changeup came on the scene to his repertoire.

And when you look up at the standings and see that the Giants are a half-game out of first place despite a distinct lack of offense from their categorical leaders from last year (Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey), injuries to three and a half starters (Andres Torres, Pablo Sandoval, Cody Ross, Mark DeRosa?), and Madison Bumgarner being 0-5, you can't help but be a little pleased.

Also, I loved him when he was on the A's, but seriously, when people around baseball say that Miguel Tejada is the worst regular position player in the league, I cannot, for the life of me, think of something to say in his defense. Mark DeRosa didn't have the best welcome back to the lineup, but I still would rather have him in there over Tejada.


When it comes to the roster moves that have been made so far IN SEASON in 2011, I cannot complain in the slightest about any of them. 

Today's decisions to send down Manny Burriss and Ryan Rohlinger were also hard, but as many people pointed out, and as the game played out tonight, keeping Darren Ford is just necessary. For games like this. Because in tight games, being able to pinch-run with Darren Ford is exponentially better than pinch-running with Tim Lincecum. And as Ford has shown us time and time again, speed wins games. Simple as that. 


By the way, Cody Ross is back. When do the Phillies come to town?


Here's a link to Andrew Baggarly's piece that features the newfound ace-ness that is Big Time Timmy Jim has released on the baseball world. I, as a fan, approve. And I need some money because I haven't purchased A Band of MiSFits yet.


Headed to the yard with the family tonight as kind of a graduation present. My THIRD Filipino Heritage Night, but the FIRST that we've actually got the Filipino Heritage Night tickets. Can't wait to pick up my "one piece of filipino-themed merchandise." I hope it's a boat!

I've already surpassed my number of AT&T visits from last season, so here's to keeping the winning streak alive.

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